The CPWORLD Conference

An Excellent Event

“Excellent event.”

CPW Events


Great opportunity to meet people

“Quote: As the industry moves more online for connections, this is a great opportunity to meet people face to face. A must to network on the circuit.“

CPW Events


Brilliant event

“Brilliant event evening and hopefully see you again in the new year.”

CPW Events


Great Event

“Whole event was great.”

CPW Events


Absolutely fantastic event

“Absolutely fantastic event! For a CPO, the room had everything a CPO could need – Training, Recruitment and specialists in areas such as Insurance, Accountancy, Legal etc. And most importantly, lots of networking!”

CPW Events


Networking is a key skill

“Excellent event.” “Networking is a key skill in Close Protection Industry.”


CPW Events


Excellent event

“Excellent event. Looking forward to next year!”

CPW Events


Very worth while event

“As an exhibitor at the event, very worth while both meeting individuals and B2B” 


TSG Associates LLP

The CPW Networking event

“The CPW Networking event is the highlight of my Networking calendar. ”  Adam Gent – Real First Aid.

Adam Gent

Real First Aid

A Well Organised Event

“A fantastic well organised event bringing together old colleagues and new” – Peter Jenkins ISS Training Ltd

Peter Jenkins

ISS Training Ltd

See you in 2022

“See you in 2022!” – Christopher Morris, The ATACC Group Ltd.

Christopher Morris

The ATACC Group Ltd

A Great Event

A great event, amazing to see old friends from around the globe. Some great debates and discussions were had with industry leaders, a very useful networking event for operators and employers alike.”